6 Tips to Buy a Queen Mattress

A queen mattress costs a good bit more than a twin mattress but it can be cheaper than a king while still providing adequate space for two people to sleep. Here are some tips to help you find a high quality mattress.

  1. Construction Matters

As you shop, look at the details of how the mattress is constructed. Some stores and online retailers may offer cross sections that you can view or drawings so you can see the inside of the mattress and how it’s put together.

You should also keep an eye out for one of the best rated mattresses that has a proven record of quality.

  1. Go for a Test Drive

Make sure that you test drive any mattresses you think might be good options. Visit a store and take your partner with you. Lay on the bed together first, then move and see how your motion affects your partner. You may want a mattress that isolates motion transfer if you or your partner is a restless sleeper.

  1. Check the Coil Count

If you go for an innerspring mattress, check the coil count. Too few coils may not offer enough support but too many coils of a higher gauge wire may make the bed too firm to be comfortable.

  1. Comfort is King

Regardless of the type of mattress you pick, make comfort a priority. You should get a bed that makes you want to go to sleep and helps you rest well.

  1. Measure Your Room

A queen mattress will only work well for you if there is enough space in your room to accommodate a bigger bed. You won’t fully enjoy a queen if you have to squeeze along the walls or crawl into it from one side.

  1. Buy Online

There are many benefits to buying a mattress online. You can quickly look at dozens of mattresses, do side-by-side comparisons, read reviews and track prices.